Scotland Ghost Hunts is a unique company which allows you to enter locations after dark, so that you could communicate with the past.

Based in Perthshire, Scotland we cover the area from Derbyshire, England to Aberdeen, Scotland on our quest to find the truth.

Join us on one of our evening with our professional team and you may feel the unexpected, hear the unfamiliar sounds and maybe see something out of the ordinary.

Rated the best Ghost Hunts in Britain and seen on Channel 4 and Sky TV, our nights are purely the best around with so much to offer.

The company was started in Yorkshire, England in 2013 from years of researching and seeking out the paranormal. From then on, the company has gone from strength to strength, even expanding into Scotland late 2017.

Not only we will take you to all the ‘known’ haunted locations, we also seek out the never been done before locations too.

The Team

Scotland Ghost Hunts is ran by highly experienced ghost hunters, medium and historian.

With over two decades of experience between them, who could ask for better hosts!

They will bring you knowledge of how a ghost hunt is run, the history, the equipment and the Spiritual Medium.

Our nights are not for the faint hearted. This is REAL phenomenon, with absolutely NO TRICKERY!